we need help for our new album: stages

We are starting on a new album, though it is one that we have been working on for some time.  The new album, The Five Stages is a concept album about grief...

Everyone deals with grief in their life. We have all lost loved ones, lost jobs, lost relationships, lost our way. This album is about that. This album is about us, this album is about me, this album is about you. It will be a listening experience like none we have made before.

We love music, and we love community. We want a community of musicians to get together to make this album a reality, and we plan on bringing together musicians from the area to help add to our ragtag orchestra. It will be a lot of work and take good amount of cash, but it means a lot to us to do things the BEST that we possibly can - this is where we need your help! If you want to help three dudes achieve a dream, or be involved, this is a way you can do it. We will get to make our album, and you will get to hear our music. The money you donate will go to paying musicians, mastering, visual artists, equipment, and some studio time. 

It will mean the world to us to get this done, and the support we get will mean even more, because doing things by ourselves is nowhere near as fun or rewarding as doing things together.  Please help us share this most human story with you.