Crazy Weekend

Dude, what an INSANE weekend; 3 shows, and 2 within 13 hours of each other. We played a great show at Turks Head festival and had fun meeting and talking with a bunch of new fans. By the way, if you ever come and see us do not hesitate to come talk to us, we love meeting new people. People who listen to our music give us the incredible ability to keep doing what we love, so we want to meet you! While it was a profitable and fun few days, it is time for a few days of relaxation. One cool thing we are doing soon is playing at the Pool of Thorns... Legitimately a POOL PARTY for metal bands. We are the closing act so come early and see the other bands. Check our tour page for details. I will be posting here more regularly as random thoughts pop into my head.

David MooreComment