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Joseph Tattum, Johnny Wood, David Moore.

Based in West Chester PA, Waiting For December is a rising prog-rock leviathan in the greater Philadelphia area.  With the scale and diversity of our composition, we seek to produce art in music with our own unique material that continually pushes ourselves to new extremes while maintaining our standard of enjoyment - if we don't enjoy it, we don't make it.  We hope you enjoy it with us.



Waiting for December is a three piece band that after a decade of finding their sound, are recording and touring around the east coast region. Long-time high school friends Joe Tattum and Johnny Wood connected in the early 2000s over their shared love of rock music and quickly discovered their great love of playing together, and formed the group shortly thereafter. Later on, after high school and a few temporary bassists/guitarists later, a chance meeting led the band to recruit Dave Moore as their permanent bassist. Through the years the trio encouraged each other to improve and learn about not only their respective instruments, but also about the finer nuances of musical production and composition. After many years of practice and toil the band finally identified their own signature sound and are now on their way to touring and sharing that sound with many others, always learning more in the process.


meet the band


Drums, Vocals, Keyboards

BIO: Born in the UK, Joe Tattum moved to the United States at a very young age, and while growing up frequently displayed interest in classical music, musical theater and composition. Despite later training as a classical Tympanist and having heavy focus on singing on Broadway well into his teen years, Tattum soon discovered a deep love for heavy metal and progressive rock which he eventually sought to fuse with his classical roots and knowledge of music theory to create a more diverse brand of rock music, focusing as much as possible on becoming proficiently skilled as a drummer. His primary metal influences include bands such as Yes, Rush, Tool, Metallica, Fear Factory, and Slayer, though he still regularly enjoys listening to his favorite classical composers: Debussy, Saint-Saëns, Stravinsky, Respighi, and Shostakovich.

Personal Life: Joe is an avid baseball fan and whole-heartedly supports his hometown Philadelphia Phillies, and also religiously follows Tennis, Horse Racing, International Soccer, and Olympic Sports. He loves beer, especially imperial IPAs and Stouts, and eats buffalo wings AT LEAST 3 times a week. He is also a fan of video games and board games, and spends his free time watching every Kung Fu movie ever made.



Guitars, Vocals

BIO: Born and raised in Southeast PA, Johnny got his first guitar when he was 10 after his mom won one in a raffle. Johnny spent the subsequent years making an awful racket, and after growing out of his dad's classic rock records and into punk, hardcore, metal, and indie rock, developed to make a more intentional, textural racket with his guitar. His formative influences as a guitarist were David Gilmour, Tom Morello, Thurston Moore, and Jonny Greenwood, and continues to find inspiration in a wide variety of music, synthesizing these influences into an homage to loud guitar-centered rock that is WFD's bread and butter.

Personal Life: Outside of making loud noises on stage, Johnny is an avid home cook and writer. 



Bass, Guitars, Vocals

BIO: Dave grew up in Bucks County, getting piano lessons from his mom and stealing minutes on his Dad's drum set.  His love for brash, emotionally-charged music drew him to piano acts like Ben Folds at the same time as early 2000s prog bands like Coheed and Cambria and early prog giants Yes.  He picked up guitar in high school and discovered a small talent that he developed while attending West Chester University for music education.  When WFD required a bassist, Dave stepped in as temporary relief, but found a new home with new friends and bandmates.  He now works to constantly improve his chops, keep up with Joe's drumming, while providing instrumentation and arrangement support and studio engineering skill.


Personal Life: Dave is often a busy-body, constantly cooking delicious things, brewing beer, leading worship at a West Chester area church, and chilling with his dog [the band's unofficial mascot] Lupin, and being a [hopefully] good husband to his wife, Andrea.  Dave hopes to use his skills as a musician, his innate connection and empathy with others, his impeccable ear, and his growing studio prowess to record WFD's future albums and be a figure for coaching and development of musicianship, songwriting, and promotion in the local area.